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Samsung P2 Review

samsung yp p2 main Samsung P2 Review

Samsung’s P2 is their flagship MP3/PMP device with many features, starring the full screen touch interface. Bluetooth also plays a supporting role in the feature set, giving the player the ability to connect to wireless headphones and to your mobile phone (in future updates).

The near-buttonless design comes together very nicely with a solid build quality common to Samsung’s portable devices. Wrapped inside this player is a well thought out interface that most people will be able to just pick up and use. Despite a few complaints, the P2 is definitely something to consider even though it commands a higher price than similar capacity MP3 players.

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Samsung YP-P2 Touch Screen Flash Player

samsung yp p2 Samsung YP P2 Touch Screen Flash Player

Embarking on a new breed of Samsung flash players is the YP-P2. This sleek device uses a touch screen interface with an LCD measuring 3.1 inches, while the 428 x 240 resolution provides a 16:9 standard for viewing video in MPEG-4 and WMV9 formats.

The P2 contains up to 8GB of storage, and features Bluetooth and FM Radio functions. The form measures 3.9 x 2.05 x 0.35-inches, battery lasts 30 hours of audio and 6 hours of video, and weighs 2.8 oz. Presently, details on the P2 are incomplete, but the player will be displayed at IFA in Berlin next month.

[Digital Times via Yepp]

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