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Samsung to Release YP-S2 Pebble Shaped Player

samsung s2 Samsung to Release YP S2 Pebble Shaped Player

Tiny players are in these days. Both the Sansa Clip and the Zen Stone (Plus) have had great success with small form factor, and it seems more manufacturers want a market share – in this case Samsung.

The YP-S2 was spotted at a Samsung showcase event last night, and seem to fit right in with the rest of the gang. From the looks of it it’s screen less, so features will be limited. It will be available in 1GB capacity, and have a expected battery life of about 10 hours, putting it in direct competition to the first generation Zen Stone. Several colors will be available when it launches in May. Video after the jump.

[ Shiny Shiny via Gizmodo ]

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