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Samsung YP-S3 Just an S5 Without Speakers

samsung s3 Samsung YP S3 Just an S5 Without Speakers

Following yesterday’s YP-S2 spotting, Shinyshiny once again brings us news from the ongoing Samsung showcase event. This time it’s the YP-S3 they’ve gotten their hands on, a new player which follows an old recipe.

The Samsung K5 was just replaced by the S5, so it’s not surprising that the old K3 will be replaced too. The S3 is to the S5 what the K3 was to the K5 – essentially the same player but without the speaker. The S3 will come in capacities of 2, 4 and 8GB, and in a variety of colors. It’s a simple player, just like the K3 was, so expect it to be fairly priced when it hits the stores. No official word yet on when that will be. Video after the jump.

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