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Samsung Announces the YP-S5 and YP-T10

samsung yp t10 s5 Samsung Announces the YP S5 and YP T10

Everyone is gearing up for the next generation of MP3 players and Samsung is the next to announce a new set of flash players. First off is a follow up to the K5—appropriately called the S5 with built in speakers. The S5 however, adds a color screen (1.8” 222 x 176 pixels), Bluetooth (for wireless headsets and mobile phone control), and video playback to go nicely with the built in speakers.

The T10 is almost a follow up to the K3, at lease in form factor and controls. The speck at the moment are scant, but we do know that it will also do video, Bluetooth, and rock 30 hours of battery life.

No word on capacities for either of these players, but we are keeping our fingers crosses for some nicely sized 16 giggers.

[Press Release]

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