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The Samsung YP-T8 is “King of the Flash”

king of the flash The Samsung YP T8 is “King of the Flash”
The YP-T8 Has been officially released. Samsung has dubbed this player, “King of the Flash”. Whatever… we’ll file with this exploitation of the English language.

Anyway, as we had reported before, it is loaded with features and now has an 1.8” OLED screen along with all the other features we had mentioned. It looks nicer now with it’s new color schemes.

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Samsung YP-T8 With USB Host Funcitonality

samsung yp t8 Samsung YP T8 With USB Host Funcitonality
Engadget is running pics and specs on this the Samsung YP-T8. What really set this player off from the others is its USB host functionality. You can connect your camera and upload photos which you can then view on the player’s 1.8” LCD screen. Some of the other not-so-standard features are: text viewer, game functionality, and MPEG functionality. The player will feature a 20 hour battery and measure in at 43.5 x 83 x 15.5mm. You can check out the pics on the link below.