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Samsung YP-U3 Specs Spotted

samsung yp u3 Samsung YP U3 Specs Spotted

Another day, another flash-based USB stick DAP.

Featuring a retractable USB plug, the recently discovered (though officially unannounced) Samsung YP-U3 actually looks a bit like some of Sony’s recent offerings especially with its 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB storage capacities and OLED display. But unlike its competitors, the U3′s got an RDS tuner and native Ogg support. It does the usual MP3 and WMA thing, too, but that’s hardly worth mentioning these days.

And as is to be expected when word of an upcoming player doesn’t come directly from its maker, pricing and availability are both unknown. But if it’s any consolation, we do know that the U3 measures 3.15″ x 0.99″ x 0.43″ and has that glowing blue light at the top.