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Samsung YP-Z5 Review

samsung z5 main Samsung YP Z5 Review

TheYP-Z5 is Samsung’s new line of flash based MP3 players reaching microdrive-sized storage of 2GB and 4GB capacities. Samsung decided to go head to head with Apple, pricing the YP-Z5 along side the iPod Nano at $200 and $250 respectively.

In the past I have not been impressed with Samsung’s flash based players. This player, however, has changed my opinion of Samsung MP3 players. Even though there are a few things lacking, Samsung has created a great user experience with an overall solid design and a simple user interface.

Update: 5.12.06: We have added a Z5 forum. Come and join us for help and some great resources.

Update 6.15.06: There is a new firmware for this player that fixes alot of the problems and “cons”. Download the firware here: Z5 firmware.

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