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Cowon released the D3… no wait, this time it’s called the Z2

cowonz2 Cowon released the D3... no wait, this time its called the Z2About a year after their first foray into Android fields, Cowon released the Z2 Plenue in Korea – indirectly admitting the earlier D3 being a beta product… one that customers paid dear money for.

The Z2 is basically the exact same product as the D3 with a few hardware flaws ironed out. The Z2′s 1GHz Telechips Cortex-A8 processor isn’t quite as outdated as the D3′s 750Mhz ARM11 (although it’s still far from what’s usually built into Android devices nowadays), and it has 512MB Ram, which is quite a bit more useful than the D3′s paltry 170MB (usually 60MB free). Gone is also Cowon’s proprietary 32-pin port – the Z2 sports standard MicroUSB and MicroHDMI ports. While this is generally a great update, it might however mean the Z2 doesn’t do S/PDIF-out anymore, as found on the D3′s proprietary port.

The Z2′s screen is a 3.7″ 800 x 480 AMOLED one, just like the D3′s – let’s hope Cowon used one with a real RGB subpixel matrix this time, not an inferior Pentile one. I also hope they got hardware-accelerated video contrast ratio right this time – I’m still hoping for a fix for this glaring bug in the D3… Still available on the Z2 is one of the D3′s best features over almost all other Android devices out there – plenty of tactile buttons, making usability on the go quite a lot easier than touchscreen-only controls. Battery life on the Z2 still isn’t great – 22 hours for music, 8-9 hours for video. Let’s hope those synthetic benchmark numbers are somewhat close to real-life performance.

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Samsung YP-Z3, YP-F3 released: Same old, same old

samsung f3 z3 Samsung YP Z3, YP F3 released: Same old, same old

We already mentioned the upcoming YP-R2 some time ago, now Samsung adds two more players to their current lineup, the YP-F3 and YP-Z3. They sure are a bit too… déjà vu to really call them “new”, but kudos to Samsung for keeping their hardware output steady.

The Z3 appears to be situated somewhere between the Z5, Q3, and maybe the R0. Besides sporting MP3HD support like the aforementioned R2 it doesn’t have any overly novel features. It is said to support h264 video playback, but on a tiny screen of unknown resolution – possibly 320×240 or maybe even 160×128 (which would have been top of the line for a 2005 player) – one sure wouldn’t want to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one go. The Z3 comes in capacities of 4 and 8GB – no SD expansion slot.

The F3 is a player that seemingly belongs to the U-series of Samsung devices, it doesn’t really resemble the long discontinued line of F players that much. On a cursory glance the F3 is basically the same player as the U5 and U6 – hopefully it comes with a classy CSTN display as well. Contrary to the U-series, the F3 doesn’t have an USB plug built in, but a MicroUSB port. It comes in cringe-worthy 2 and 4GB capacities, with no expansion slot as well.

Thanks to Lebellium for the tips. Check the YP-F3 forum thread and YP-Z3 forum thread for full specs and discussions.