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New Creative Player Within 2 Months, but it Won’t be Called Share

zen wtf New Creative Player Within 2 Months, but it Won’t be Called Share

Remember the rumored Zen Share WiFi player? It’s not coming. In a recent press conference Creative Nordic Product Manager Jan Hvidberg confirmed that there was a device called Share in development at one stage, but this device has apparently been dropped due to technical difficulties. He did however say that Creative is to present a new player within the next two months and design is apparently the key word. There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the Share/X-Fi but this is as close to facts we’ve been in ages.

According to Hvidberg there will also be no more hard drive based players from Creative. Ever. This means that whatever player will be presented in the future will be flash, no matter what type of player it is. Whether or not this information is true or not only time will tell, but one would think that it’s pretty accurate coming from someone that high up. No official word has come from Creative America however so there’s always a 0,1% chance he spoke too soon. Either way, this doesn’t in any way exclude the rumors of an X-Fi based player – possibly with WiFi, Bluetooth or touch screen for all we know – it just means the player won’t be called Share and it will be flash based.

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New Creative Player Named the Zen Share

creative zen share New Creative Player Named the Zen Share

While at CES I prodded some of the representatives for some info on the new Zen. When I asked them for info on the new hard drive wireless player they gave off tell tale signs there was something to hide. While I’m not so sure about the hard drive part of it now since a reader got an interesting response from Creative tech supports stating that hard drives are on their way out. We do know now that it is indeed wireless thanks to some inside info Epizenter picked up stating that it will be released in March.

I have my fingers crossed for the following: native support for divx and h.264 over 320×240 resolutions, no touch screen, uninhibited sharing, and 80GB 160GB hard drives. That’s my short wish list.

What is on your Zen Share wish list?