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Zen V Plus Gets an Upgrade to 16GB of Flash

zen v plus 16gb Zen V Plus Gets an Upgrade to 16GB of Flash

Flash player capacities are nearing hard drive capacities. Is this a sign of the demise of the hard drive? Probably not any time soon, but it is the start. This Zen V Plus 16GB is an official Creative release and will be sold for around $270, but the site also states a sale at the moment for around $200 (converted to USD).

Unfortunately this is now just a Singapore release, but I’m sure the US and A will see them soon. Update: Now available in the US for $250. Three cheers for Creative since, to my knowledge, this is the first 16GB player to hit the market. For those keeping track of their Zen V colors this will be released in a white-on-black color scheme.

If you would like a nice in-depth look at this player please check out the Zen V Plus Review.

[Creative via Zen V Forums]

8GB Creative Zen V Plus in Red

red creative zvp 8GB Creative Zen V Plus in Red

When the 8GB Zen V Plus became available in the U.S. several months after it was first announced, many were disappointed that the player did not have the black and red color scheme mentioned in the original press release. It could only be purchased with the blue accents that were previously reserved for the 4GB model.

Today, Creative Japan is reporting the late-March release of the coveted red 8GB Zen V Plus ($210). The good news for U.S. residents is that the player is already available in Singapore. Confused? Well, this isn’t necessary a hard-and-fast rule, but Creative usually rolls out its products in this order: Singapore, Japan, Europe, North America. So that means we’re almost next!

[Press Release (translated)]

Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

travelsound zen v Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

Indicative of the global success of Creative’s Creative Zen V and V Plus flash players is the TravelSound Zen V speaker system/docking station announced yesterday in Japan (and don’t forget about the upcoming TravelDock Z500 either).

The TravelSound Zen V is designed exclusively for use with the V and V Plus, allowing simultaneous music playing and battery charging. Priced at an incredible $109, the speakers measure 9.3″ x 5.3″ x 2.2″ and are bundled with a wireless remote control, AC adapter, stereo audio cable, carrying pouch, quick start guide, and other paperwork. The unit itself weighs 1.7 pounds, is equipped with an antenna for the FM tuner built into the V Plus, and features surround sound, mute button, volume controls, and a mode button (for what, we have no idea: I studied Japanese for over 10 years, but I’m still very rusty).

The TravelSound Zen V should be available in Japan in early December, with preorders being accepted in late November.

[Press Release via epiZENter]

Creative Zen V Plus Review

zen v main thumb Creative Zen V Plus Review

In this review we will take a look at two of Creative’s high capacity flash-based MP3 players, the Zen V and the Zen V Plus. The Zen V Plus adds an FM radio, video playback, and capacities up to 8GB. Both versions of the Zen V also come in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities.

The Zen V players are priced to compete with other high capacity players like the Samsung Z5, SanDisk Sansa e200, iPod Nano, and Meizu miniPlayer, to name a few in this fast growing category. Fans of the Zen line will be pleased with this entrant for the familiar, easy-to-use interface and design found on the entire Creative Zen line of MP3 players with a few extras. Simply put, the Zen V and V Plus are smaller and slightly improved versions of the Zen Micro Photo.

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