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Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

travelsound zen v Creative TravelSound Zen V Speakers

Indicative of the global success of Creative’s Creative Zen V and V Plus flash players is the TravelSound Zen V speaker system/docking station announced yesterday in Japan (and don’t forget about the upcoming TravelDock Z500 either).

The TravelSound Zen V is designed exclusively for use with the V and V Plus, allowing simultaneous music playing and battery charging. Priced at an incredible $109, the speakers measure 9.3″ x 5.3″ x 2.2″ and are bundled with a wireless remote control, AC adapter, stereo audio cable, carrying pouch, quick start guide, and other paperwork. The unit itself weighs 1.7 pounds, is equipped with an antenna for the FM tuner built into the V Plus, and features surround sound, mute button, volume controls, and a mode button (for what, we have no idea: I studied Japanese for over 10 years, but I’m still very rusty).

The TravelSound Zen V should be available in Japan in early December, with preorders being accepted in late November.

[Press Release via epiZENter]

Creative Zen V Plus Review

zen v main thumb Creative Zen V Plus Review

In this review we will take a look at two of Creative’s high capacity flash-based MP3 players, the Zen V and the Zen V Plus. The Zen V Plus adds an FM radio, video playback, and capacities up to 8GB. Both versions of the Zen V also come in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities.

The Zen V players are priced to compete with other high capacity players like the Samsung Z5, SanDisk Sansa e200, iPod Nano, and Meizu miniPlayer, to name a few in this fast growing category. Fans of the Zen line will be pleased with this entrant for the familiar, easy-to-use interface and design found on the entire Creative Zen line of MP3 players with a few extras. Simply put, the Zen V and V Plus are smaller and slightly improved versions of the Zen Micro Photo.

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U-Clique Designs for Creative DAPs

creative u clique U Clique Designs for Creative DAPs

Creative’s new U-Clique personalization service is giving customers in Japan and Singapore a chance to dress up select flash players purchased now at the company’s online shops. For a nominal fee, Creative will print orange and purple butterfly designs on the 1GB Zen V and Zen Nano Plus in both countries, while multicolored diamonds (Zen V and Nano Plus) and art nouveau patterns (MuVo V200) are available only in Singapore and Japan, respectively.

Japan also offers two-line printing on the backs of the Vision:M (up to 16 letters), MicroPhoto (up to 12 letters), V and V Plus (up to 10 letters), and Nano Plus (one line up to 5 letters). Pricing for all text, regardless of length, is $9.

The designs are permanent, by the way, so make sure you really love butterflies before adding the Zen V to your cart.

[Product Page (Singapore) | Press Release (Japan)]

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