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Creative Slims Down 60GB Zen Vision:M and Vision W

vision m sd Creative Slims Down 60GB Zen Vision:M and Vision W

Creative’s Zen Vision:M DAP and Vision W PMP have always been one of the chubbier players on the market. And up until now, we always thought Creative liked them that way. You know, more player to love, that kind of stuff. Well, it turns out that the company has fallen prey to the “thin is in” mentality and put the M and W on a rigorous diet and exercise regimen. It worked, too, because both 60GB players have shed 15% of their bulk!

Available in late March, the “slim model” 60GB Zen Vision:M is now 0.75″ thick (down from 0.87″); the Zen Vision W, now 0.87″ (down from 1.04″). Prices in Japan are set at about $295 and $380, basically the same as current models, so it looks like keeping up with the skinny Joneses won’t come at a price.

[Press Release (Japanese) via Akihabara]

Audiophile Grade Cables for the Creative Zen and iAudio X5

zvm quable Audiophile Grade Cables for the Creative Zen and iAudio X5

Those who want to squeeze every bit of performance out of their MP3 players can now do so with these custom cables from appropriately named company Qables. These cables are unique in that they plug right into the proprietary dock connections of Creative”s Zen line as well as iAudio’s X5, giving you direct line-out to plug into your hi-fi setup.

But as with any quality cable, these come with a heavier price tag. Depending on the player and cable setup, mini jack or RCA, they can run anywhere from $60 to well over $100. If you are a hardcore audiophile, you may want to check them out. White-earbud-wearing kids need not apply.


Creative Zen Vision: W Official Specs

creative zen vision w Creative Zen Vision: W Official Specs

Creative’s newest member to the Vision family is set to be released overseas at the beginning of September 2006. This new member, dubbed the Zen Vision:W, is an updated version of the Zen Vision that will have a 16:9 wide aspect ratio screen. Early reports of this screen have been positive stating that it does not suffer the same lack luster quality of the Zen Vision and looks more like the brilliant Zen Vision:M screen. The screen itself will be a 4.3” 262k color 480 x 272 LCD screen. By contrast the Zen Vision:M’s screen was 320 X 240 with the same number of colors. The ZVW will however step up this resolution to DVD quality resolution (720 X 480) when outputting to your TV.

Other than the abovementioned there are no real new innovations coming out of this player. It is more of a mash-up of the Zen Vision and Zen Vision:M. Judging by the retail prices in Singapore dollars the Zen Vision: W will likely retail around $400 for the 30GB and under $500 for the 60GB version when released to the US. When that will happen is still unknown.

[Press Release thanks jefone]