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The Creative Zen WAV hits the States

creative zen wav stand3 The Creative Zen WAV hits the States

I have been lagging on this players review for the last month or so since I did not think it would ever make it to the US. But sure enough it found its way to Wal-Mart’s online retail channel. The WAV, Creative’s first player with built-in speakers sells for a reasonable price: $80 for the 2GB and $100 for the 4GB capacities.

I will post a review shortly but here is a quick take: The Zen WAV is pretty much the Zen V Plus with speakers, similar feature set and same great Zen interface and controls. The screen is subpar, but video watching is not too practical considering large Motion JPEG video files, like with the Zen V. The speakers are what you would expect– not as good as the Sansa Connect or the Samsung K5, but they lend well to the WAV’s alarm functions. Overall the WAV is nothing amazing, but with its built-in speakers, it’s a niche product and may be worth a consideration at its current price.

Update: Check out the full Zen WAV review now posted.

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