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New Zen X-Fi 2 Firmware Makes UI Smooth and Useable

With the first demonstrations of the Zen X-Fi 2 the consensus was that the UI sucked. It looked slow, laggy, and downright unusable. Before its release to the US, the X-Fi 2 received version 1.00.10 firmware dramatically improving the responsiveness of the UI. Considering its priced well below the more premium touch based players it may be a pretty good contender, especially for the budget minded shopper. The only major hang up now is the lack of microSD integration. Though this hasn’t been fixed in the last three generations of Zens, so don’t hold your breath.

The X-Fi 2 will be shipping in the first week of October and is available for pre order on Amazon.

Creative Announces, Unboxes, and Demos the Zen X-Fi 2 Touch Screen

creative zen xfi2 Creative Announces, Unboxes, and Demos the Zen X Fi 2 Touch Screen

Looks like Creative has been busy cooking up some other players aside from the Zii EGG. The Zen X-Fi 2 is a touch screen second edition of their last Zen X-Fi. Models will come in 8/16/32GB and sell for $130/$180/$230. The press release doesn’t say when it will be available but says it will be available for pre order on Amazon shortly, so it seems it should be here in time for the holidays. Below is a list of features or you can see more at the X-Fi2 mini site.

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