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Dell’s New MP3 Player May Come As Soon As September

dell zing Dell’s New MP3 Player May Come As Soon As September

The WSJ is reporting that Dell may be back in the game as soon as September with a player that is currently being referred to as “The Zing”. Zing is a company that Dell bought not too long ago that helps users discover new music. So with that its assumed that Dell’s new player will be tied to a music downloading subscription like service.

Dell’s last MP3 player episode was back in 2003 with a few of their own MP3 players ODMed by Creative, but was relatively unsuccessful. The details on the new player are a mystery to me, but I would tend to lean towards the Zing not doing so well. The market is crowded and no one seems to be interested in a wireless music service.

[via GearLog]

Dell Buys Zing- Gets Back Into MP3 Players?

dell zing Dell Buys Zing  Gets Back Into MP3 Players?

Dell announced today that it will be acquiring privately held Zing Systems with plans “…to continue improving the entertainment experiences…” Those unfamiliar, Zing is a software and service that helps device users find new music , share playlists, and add more functionality to audio streams. It is a sort of semi-social music discovery system. That’s the best way I can describe it without putting a device that uses Zing into your hands. Zing’s latest infiltration is the Sansa Connect which uses Zing to create automatic genre or artist playlists though its Wi-Fi connection.

Dell ditched their MP3 players some time ago, but could this mean they are getting back into the portable audio game?