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Limited Edition Magenta Pink and Orange Zune 30s

limited editoin zune main Limited Edition Magenta Pink and Orange Zune 30s

When the first generation Zune 30 was released November 14th, 2006 there two limited run Zune colors: Magenta Pink and Day-glow Orange. Each of these colors were limited to 500 made. Many of these went out as a gift to the members of the Zune team. From what I understand the Pink was for the US and the Orange was for Europe (Actually Jessica, just pinged me and told me that they were both US and the Zune Team got to choose which color they wanted). After gifting these Zunes the remaining were randomly inserted into retail channels.

I picked up the Pink Zune when it was first released back in 2006 from eBay- the Orange Zune I just picked up from @chrisleckness nearly completing the ship gift Zune. I think the only one that remains is the Zune 16 Citron- a yellow Zune that popped up when the first flash Zunes were released. The only person I know who has one is Co-host of ZuneInsider Podcast, Matt Akers and he refuses to sell. Anyone up for a covert mission to infiltrate his office at Zune headquarters? In the meantime, enjoy the photo shoot of these two limited edition Zunes.

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Microsoft Zune 2 Photo Gallery

zune photo gallery Microsoft Zune 2 Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos of the second generation Zunes, 4 / 8 & 80; along with comparison photos to the rejuvenated first gen and other MP3 players in its class. Aside from the design addition touch interface the Zune 80 and the Zune 30 have an identical feel to them in terms of inter face thanks to the updated firmware. So those of you who have and “old school” Zune 30 you are not missing much.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the new Zune line up. The design is on point, the interface is very smooth, and the new software is a beautiful thing. I think the Zunes tend to be a bit oversimplified at times and lacks features that will keep the hardcore audience clenching their Creatives, Cowons, Sansas, and Samsungs. But in time, we may see that change with future Zune firmware updates.

Without further delay, here are the pics…

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Microsoft and Ford Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

microsoft ford warriors in pink zune Microsoft and Ford Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The original Zune has been presented in pink for a while now and we’ve seen car manufacturer logos branded on MP3 players before, but this limited edition Warriors in Pink Zune 30 has been exclusively designed for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Even though prices of the Zune 30 are being marked down heavily this one will be sold for $250, the same price of the unreleased Zune 80, but thanks to Microsoft and Ford 100% of the profits will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Only a limited amount has been produced, so place your order soon.

[Warriors in Pink via I want a Pink Zune]

Second Generation Zune Design Info & More

zune design Second Generation Zune Design Info & More

Besides learning that DRM free MP3 will not track you, I have also learned a little more about the Zune design. Inside sources have stated that the back plate of the player will be made from a brushed metal. This will be key for keeping scratches and fingerprints at bay. As for the rest of the body of the player it will be made of a hard glossy scratch resistant plastic as seen on many of the players noting the Creative Zen in particular. This from experience will show smudges and fingerprints but any player with a glossy plastic will. One of the more surprising things was that the Zune screen will be made of glass. So no more need to ridiculously spend $10 on a sticky piece of plastic.

I think the Zune team made a great choice by not leaving out first generation Zune owners; they will be getting all the same full functionality as new Zune owners. There was one small catch that I picked up on is that the first generation will not get native H.264 support. However, H.264 will be easily converted with the Zune software.