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What’s new on the Zune Marketplace (June 27)

Burn Notice Whats new on the Zune Marketplace (June 27)Every week, the Zune Insider podcast highlights some of the best or most interesting new content on the Zune Marketplace. The podcast is both informative and entertaining, providing a great look behind the scenes at Microsoft.

New music and movies go live on Tuesday, but TV shows and podcasts are added on a daily basis. Here’s some of the new content available on the Zune Marketplace.

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Zune Getting Exclusive Animated Series

city council Zune Getting Exclusive Animated Series

Zune has been working towards getting exclusive TV-like content for the marketplace for a few months now and a few days ago a press release announced the first of these series: a animated series called City Council 3050 AD. The series will be produced by the Seattle-based company Worktank and the show will only be available on the Zune.

“City Council 3050 AD,” an original comedy conceived by Worktank, is based on local government C-SPAN channels that broadcast the mundane proceedings of city business. The show, set in the future, uses this dry backdrop to offer humor and absurdity, taking modern local and national political issues and recasting them in the future.

If Microsoft can get more of this going for their Zune, that might be a reason for people to seriously consider the device as a media device. There’s also the Zune HD rumours going around and if they turn out to be true it’s another sign that the Zune is far from dead. Hit the link below for a video preview of City Council 3050 AD.

[Press Release]

Zune Gets Gapless Playback + Zune 2.5 Update Cangelog

zune mp main Zune Gets Gapless Playback + Zune 2.5 Update Cangelog

The Zune team has been hard at work in the Zune headquarters (cleverly disguised as a library) lately and is now going live with the next milestone, version 2.5. It is a fairly substantial update adding to the social aspect, implementation of auto playlists, better meta data editing, and even a video section where TV shows can now be downloaded. The most interesting I find to be the Gapless playback, since it has always been such an elusive appearing only on a hand full of devices over the years. It may go unnoticed by some, but for the live music listener and or electronic mix fan it’s a feature we longed for.

For the details on all of the latest changes in software/firmware version 2.5 check below for a quick look list and screen shots of the software that should be live in a few hours.

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Zune Marketplace Subscription Works with non-Zune MP3 Players

zune sansa sync Zune Marketplace Subscription Works with non Zune MP3 Players

The Zune Marketplace subscription will allow you to sync two different Zunes and two different computers with the same account. What I found out by accident is that you can actually use a completely different brand of player for the second device. You may not even need a Zune; you may be able to sync two non-Zune PlaysForSure MP3 players. I have only tried this on one account so I may need some of you to further verify this. So please let me know if anyone else is successful.

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