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Zune HD Originals are Arriving

zune original main Zune HD Originals are Arriving

FedEx is starting to drop off the long awaited (read: delayed) customized Zune Originals direct from Microsoft’s factories in China. Those who ordered a Zune Original as an express order got a little treat for their patience in putting up with the delay- $15 credit to be spent in the Zune Marketplace.

Below are a few photos of what is inside the box (you’re welcome for not boring you with an 8 min video of watching me take stuff out of a box, unboxing videos are the gadget world’s equivalent to Ambien). There is not much different from the regular store bought version other than a different design on the box and of course the custom color and etched back design. I chose not to get a design and just wanted a blue 32GB Zune. The blue and I imagine the other colors to be of the same tone colors, is an understated modern pastel. It is an attractive and not obnoxious color tone fitting in well with the entire Zune design scheme.

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