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Microsoft releases nine new Zune HD apps [Updated]

Zune HD Apps for June 30 Microsoft releases nine new Zune HD apps [Updated]

Microsoft announced this evening that they have added nine new Zune HD apps to the Marketplace. This news comes less than 48 hours after Dave McLauchlan announced that a new wave of Zune HD apps was on the way.

Today’s wave contains of six brand new games, two handy utilities, and one entertainment app. This update is massive when compared to the last two apps, which were released on April 1.

One of the apps, Echoes, was developed by Halfbrick Studios, the people behind the hit title Fruit Ninja. Barbaroga recently announced that they are working on four new Zune HD apps, only one of which–Bees!–is included in today’s release. DecoderRing and the other two unnamed games are still on the way. The same can be said for Splatter, Tuginator, and Young Ninja, which are being developed by 2PlayMobile.

Hit the jump to see what’s included in today’s update.

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Babaroga working on four Zune HD games

Babaroga Logo Babaroga working on four Zune HD gamesOne of our readers, Matt, alerted us to the fact that game developer Babaroga is working on four new games for the Zune HD. Two of Babaroga’s games, Space Battle 2 and Lucky Lanes Bowling, are already on the Zune HD App Marketplace.

In an interview with WPCentral, CEO and Founder Andreja Djokovic mentioned that his company is finishing up four new games for the Zune HD, including DecoderRing and Bees!

Babaroga has developed more than 40 games for various platforms, including a few on behalf of video game giant Electronic Arts. Their portfolio includes the Xbox LIVE-enabled game ZOMBIES!!! for Windows Phone. Babaroga is also considering porting their Zune HD apps over to Windows Phone, no doubt at the request of Microsoft.

Dave McLauchlan recently revealed that a new wave of Zune HD apps is coming soon. He was unable to provide specifics, but the apps should be available in the near future.


Fresh wave of Zune HD apps incoming

New Zune Apps Coming Soon Fresh wave of Zune HD apps incoming

A fresh wave of Zune HD apps will hit the Zune Marketplace soon, says Dave McLauchlan. When asked when Microsoft would “roll out the next app updates,” Zune’s senior business development manager replied “Very soon actually…”

McLauchlan was unable to provide specifics, like whether they will be released before the end of the week. When it comes to Zune HD apps, things are always in flux and they can change very quickly.

The Zune HD app marketplace doesn’t have the biggest catalog, but Microsoft has continued to support it over the years. The most recent wave of apps landed on April 1 and was composed of an email application–a much requested feature–and a BBQ Battle game.

Microsoft has yet to announce which apps will be included in the next wave, so we can only speculate. A few months ago, 2PlayMobile announced that they were working on three Zune HD games: Bug Splatter, Tuginator, and Young Ninja. The company’s Twitter account has been silent since then, but the games are still listed on their website.

The software giant recently added support for Zune HD apps in Canada. Unfortunately, a bug in the software is preventing Canadian customers from downloading the apps. This issue will be addressed in the next Zune software update, which Microsoft hopes to have out as soon as possible.

McLauchlan also recently revealed that Microsoft is considering bringing Zune HD apps over to Windows Phone. More details can be found at our sister site, Anythingbutiphone.

[Dave McLauchlan]

MSMVP Connects Community Members on June 11

MSMVP MSMVP Connects Community Members on June 11Join Microsoft Zune MVP Marques Lyons (tromboneforhire) for the sixth MSMVP event on Saturday, June 11, 2011. The event, which runs from 6:00-8:00 pm, will be held at the Microsoft Store in Costa Mesa, California.

MSMVP is a great opportunity to meet other members of the Microsoft community. MVPs from a variety of product groups are often in attendance, including Zune, Xbox 360, Windows Phone, and more.

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How the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Pass Have Improved Over the Years

Windows Phone Radio How the Zune Music Marketplace and Zune Pass Have Improved Over the YearsWindows Phone Radio #30 has a great interview with Richard Winn, the man responsible for managing the Zune Music Marketplace. In it, they discuss how the Music Marketplace works and how Microsoft has improved it over the years, particularly in regards to Zune Pass.

Winn mentioned that Microsoft has worked very hard over the last three years to “bring the [Zune Pass] catalog up to a level where [they] have the majority of recorded music in their catalog at this point.”

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Design Patent Reveals Former Plans for a ‘Zune Nano’

Zune Nano Design Patent Reveals Former Plans for a Zune Nano

Manan Kakkar over at Techie Buzz was able to uncover an interesting Microsoft design patent for a small Zune device, a la the iPod Nano. According to the description, the patent, which was filed on April 27, 2009, depicts “a front perspective view of a media player showing [Microsoft's] new design.”

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Zune on Windows Phone Mango

Zune on Windows Phone Mango Zune on Windows Phone Mango

Yesterday was a big day for Windows Phone. Microsoft took the stage in New York to announce the Mango update, which will significantly improve Windows Phone’s already great experience. As a result, the Music + Video hub, powered by Zune, is getting a complete overhaul. The interface has been slightly reorganized and long-awaited features have been added, including Smart DJ and on-device podcast support.

Our sister site, Anything But iPhone, has a full rundown of the changes and additions to Zune included in the Windows Phone Mango update. Head on over there for the full details.

Zune HD Receives a Temporary Price Drop

Price Drop Ad Zune HD Receives a Temporary Price Drop

Good news! For a limited time, those who haven’t jumped on the Zune HD bandwagon can pick up the great media player for a much cheaper price. The 16 GB device is now listed at $169.99 (formerly $199.99), while the 32 GB model is now $199.99 (down from $269.99), a whopping $70 in savings. The 64 GB version, unfortunately, is still at $349.99. It can, however, be picked up for much less on various websites.

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Zune Insider Website Redesigned

Zune Insider Zune Insider Website Redesigned

Updated: Zune Insider, the official podcast of Microsoft’s media service, has a brand new website. In addition to a visual overhaul, the new website includes basic social media integration. The right-hand column includes the most recent Facebook updates from Zune, as well as what’s being said about the service on Twitter. The new site also makes it much easier to share articles and podcast episodes on social networks.

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New Zune Apps Leaked By Developer?

Young Ninja 560x177 New Zune Apps Leaked By Developer?

Our sister site ZuneBoards noticed a tweet from 2PlayMobile, who claims to have been contracted by Microsoft to develop new apps for the Zune HD. While the tweet only mentions two new games, their website, which has since been updated, referenced three titles: Bug Splatter, Tuginator, and Young Ninja. Next to nothing is known about these games, but ZuneBoards has a few theories.

Microsoft has continued to release new apps on a regular basis since the launch of the Zune HD on September 15, 2009. The most recent wave hit the Marketplace less than two weeks ago. It is unknown when, if ever, these games will be released, but it’s nice to know that Microsoft continues to support such a great device.

Source: ZuneBoards